Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a..................................


I won't keep you in suspense as I obviously don't love surprises either. I had an ultrasound yesterday that told us some other good things too. Our new little girl looks very healthy and that is a huge relief for me. I was more concerned about that than anything else and probably more than the general public. I know everyone wants a healthy baby but having been down the road we have I think it just comes more naturally to for me to worry than be optimistic. I could hardly even stand up in the doctors office yesterday. I was so nervous my knees had turned to jelly. She did measure a tiny bit smaller than last time, but only by a couple of days... nothing like the 2 weeks behind that we saw on our first ultrasound with Maeve. So, I am still a little nervous but I am comfortable with just watching this on the external measurements from here on out.

Back to the gender!! I am thrilled to be breaking the tie in our little family. My team won with more girls than boys now! Just kidding. But honestly I am very excited. I think Isaac will be a great big brother for a little sister. I also get to go through my girl things now and make use of them. I haven't been able to part with anything that I bought for Maeve even though so much of it, mostly clothes, she never got to use. I still think there will be a lot of shopping to do for this little one though because most of what I had for Maeve was in preemie sizes which this one will (hopefully) not fit in. My mom couldn't wait to get started and she already bought her an adorable dress and jammies! It's hard to resist since she will be here in the summer and all of the summer stuff is already out.

We didn't find out the gender until the very end of the ultrasound but we saw the profile at the very beginning and when I saw it I was convinced it was a girl. Pretty strange huh? I just thought she had a very feminine looking bone structure or something. Seriously, this pic looks a lot like Isaac's ultrasound pic but more.... girly I think. Anyone else ever noticed that on ultrasound? I tried to find Isaac's so that I could show you but I have misplaced it. Here is the new little girl though. We can't wait to meet her!