Friday, October 26, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

I now have another celebrity friend in addition to my ESPN web celebrity Brother-in-law Doug (see older posts).

Longtime friend and sometime poker champion Spencer Campbell was featured on a commercial for Check City paycheck loans! It ran last night during "The Office" so if you recorded it, you can check it out. This would of course have only run in the local market, so if you are outside Utah, you probably can't see it. I tried to find it online but I couldn't. If you know where it is, I would be happy to link it.

In the ad, Spencer talks about the good experience he had with CheckCity. Very convincing. If I ever need a paycheck advance, I will choose CheckCity:).

I love having famous friends! If you are a star of TV, Movies, the Net, YouTube, whatever, let me know and I will give you a mention!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have given this a lot of thought, and I have decided that it would just be wrong, like a lie, if I didn't tell the world about the wonderful joy that is the oreo cakester.
I tried the cakesters a couple of weeks ago. They were an impulse buy on my way out of the grocery store when I was a bit hungry. I have been trying lately to rid our home of junk food. I have done this by consuming all that we have and not replacing it. It has been a good strategy which had been very effective in reducing our grocery bill, our BMI, and getting us to use food that we buy and then forget about. Recently though, Bryce noticed that there were no readily available snacks in the house and he was frustrated. I told him about the plan/experiment that I had put into place and he accepted it at first. Since I have been at home, he hasn't been participating in the grocery shopping the way he used to. This all came to an end on Saturday when he came to WalMart with me for a few items. He defiantly announced that he was no longer on board with my no junk and snacks plan and he needed some freakin' ding dongs! Well, that was all it took for me to fall off the wagon. I can't just watch him eat ding dongs while I continue with my only snack left, cottage cheese. I picked up some ice cream and more of those tasty cakesters.
The cakesters are a miracle of a treat! Imagine the awesome flavor of an oreo, but soft and fluffy. I haven't tried the traditional ones. Chocolate is my life so I went straight for the chocolate filled. I am ashamed to admit that today the box is already gone... and I am the only one who has eaten them.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us!

As many of you know, Bryce and I have the same birthday (October 20). Interestingly, our first child Maeve was due on October 17th, so we almost thought we would have a third birthday on the 20th, but she was born two months early.....

Sharing a birthday is really fun. It has its drawbacks I guess. On your birthday, you sort of expect to be waited on and taken care of. That is kinda hard when you both have the expectation. We also don't have parties because a) we are adults and b) it just seems strange to throw yourself a party. Still we really enjoy it.

On Friday night, we had dinner with Doug, Brandy, and Logan. We went to La Vigna (formerly Ottavios). The meal was good, but more trouble than it was worth. Logan and Isaac were both suffering from diaper rash and exhaustion respectively. So, the meal was spent with some missing from the table at all times to take care of a screaming kid. We all reflected on the days when we used to go to movies and dinner any time and do everything spur-of-the-moment, with no regard for bedtimes, sippycups, and disrupting others. Ah, good times. Oh well, nothing beats our little guys and the constant source of entertainment they are. They sure keep us on our toes!

On Saturday Morning we woke and did presents. Bryce got some video games, new jeans and shoes. I got clothes (my favorite!) and new pots and pans (so cool!). Then, we threw some clothes on for a family birthday breakfast at IHOP. Isaac decided to forgo getting dressed and instead dined in his jammies.

We came back home to clean up and get dressed for real, and then it was off to the mall in the freezing cold to exchange Bryce's new jeans. Shopping is always fun, and Isaac got to try a little orange julius, which he loved!

After a stop at Walmart for some groceries (even though it is our birthday, it is still Saturday and we have to get stuff done) Bryce went home to nap through the BYU game while I went to the church to set up our father-daughter activity for the activity day girls. After that, Bryce, Isaac and I met my mom, brothers, grandpa and his wife at McGrath's for birthday dinner.

That was probably the highlight of the day. I have not seen my Grandpa Kenney very much. He came out for my high school graduation and my wedding. I was pretty busy during my wedding reception, so I just briefly met his new wife, Sherry there. This is the first time we have seen them since. They live in Port Angeles, WA during the summer and Mesa, AZ during the winter, so they were on their way down to AZ and decided to stop in for a quick visit. It was really nice. They loved meeting Isaac, and we really like Sherry. I am glad that my Grandpa has her, and I hope we get to see them more often.

My lack of blogging this month has been nagging at me like my poor visiting teaching record:(. I really am going to be better at both. I don't have any new pictures to post so here is my old standby, a baby porcupine.

Monday, October 1, 2007

St. Louis

This was a pretty fun week. Isaac has been jumping around a lot when we hold him, so I found him a jumper. He is still a bit small for it and he hasn't quite got the jumping thing down yet, but he is getting better. The jumper hangs in the pantry doorway because it is the only one low enough in the house. I think Isaac likes it though. The pantry is full of cool stuff to look at!

On Friday, we went to St. Louis for Bryce's 10 year high school reunion. The fun started on Friday night at the homecoming game. It was so crowded. I have never seen so many people at a HS football game. Isaac was a little freaked out by all the cheering, so we didn't stay long. We took him to some friends from Bryce's old ward to play while we met up with Bryce's classmates at a bar called the Fox and Hound. We had a great time hanging out and catching up.

On Saturday, we went to the top of Gateway Arch. I have never been to St. Louis, so this was a fun way to see it. The Arch is not a place to spend a ton of time. It is a super way to combine my claustrophobia and fear of heights. Just kidding, its not that bad... There is a museum there that I wanted to check out, but they don't allow strollers and Isaac was getting sick of being carried, so we left and hung out at the park outside the Arch for a bit. Isaac felt much better with a clean diaper and some playtime. We spent the rest of the day driving around seeing some places Bryce wanted to visit again and doing a little wandering around the mall. That night, Isaac went to the babysitters again while we went to another bar for more reunion fun. This one was called Bar Louie and was in Downtown St. Louis. There was a $50 cover charge meant to include all you could drink..... so Bryce and I enjoyed our $50 cokes! Pretty expensive, but worth it to spend some more time with Bryce's old friends. I hope we can see them again soon, instead of waiting another 10 years.

Isaac having fun in his jumper.

Hanging out at the park at Gateway Arch
The weather was so great. It was 80 and sunny with no humidity.

All of us at the top of the Arch

Isaac and I at the top

Waiting in line to go to the top