Friday, April 11, 2008

What the Crap!?

Since I am not working anymore and most of my work buddies aren't either and are looking at my blog, I am going to have to do some of our "work chat" here. I know this is a place for cute family stories and kid pictures, and I will get more of that up soon... but... I have to do this... I need an outlet!!!

So Michael Johns was voted off American Idol this week. WHAT THE CRAP?! Sorry for my language. I will calm down now.

I know he wasn't going to win the whole competition or anything, and I know that this week was not his best, but I can't believe that he is being voted off while the worlds biggest FAKE singer stays every week.

I am referring of course to Jason Castro.

I know, I know, I like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" too, and I really don't mind hearing Jason sing it. It is nice. But, I am still not convinced that he has even a fraction of the talent of anyone else on that show right now. There are millions of other "musicians" just like Jason. He sounds to me like a typical guy who plays a guitar at open mike night at a coffee house or something. It's just no big deal, and I can't figure out why he is on American Idol.

Well, that is pretty much out of my system now. I feel much better. Just a couple more quick AI thoughts.

1. David Archuletta was my fav this week. I am a huge Robbie Williams fan so I loved that he sang "Angels" and I thought it was awesome.

2. I really want to hear Brooke White sing something by Natalie Merchant or Sara Mclachlan. I would just love to hear it. Ha! I am so 90's!

If you are watching AI this year, I want to hear what you think. Post your comments!


The Mac's said...

I don't watch American Idol but I am thinking I should...everyone is talking 'bout it! By the way...LOVE the new hair!

Brandy said...

I know! I almost flipped my lid when Michael got voted off!!! I was ticked. I think he is kinda cute and I am sure that had something to do with me being so upset and all, but seriously......What is wrong with America!! I totally agree about the jason castro thing too. He is really weird and I have heard a million people just like him on the beach or on a corner trying to earn some $$. Oh well, at least David Arch. is still on! I love him. He is adorable! By the way, I miss you tons!!!!!!!!

Paul & Misti said...

I am sad that I suck and never called you my whole maternity leave because this is so an "in person" conversation! I completely agree with you on this one. I can't stand the dread-lock guy and I am sorry but what the heck is up with Brooke White...she started over!!! Did that really happen! Ugh! It will be interested to see who wins. I really like David Archu-whatver and I can't stand the other David guys and everyone else loves him. I just don't get it? Maybe because I think he's ugly. I don't know...anyway. I am with you on this one!