Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Son turned One- Fun!

I am WAAAY behind on blogging once again. Its certainly not lack of motivation or writers block. This time, it is lack of TIME! Life has been crazy lately and between work, church, and family, there is just not a lot of down time. If there is, I choose sleep!

Isaac's birthday was great. I decided to get cake creative for the first time in my life. When you see the images to follow, please just remember FIRST TIME-NOT AN EXPERT, that is why it looks so strange.
We needed two cakes of course. One for guests to enjoy and one for Isaac to destroy. For the smash cake, a filled a few ramekins with red velvet cake batter:

I used the remaining batter to make cupcakes. And I am sure you already get the idea, but here is what I did next.

For the guests cake, I found some instructions for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake on Here is my interpretation:
I forgot to put the blue frosting in the windows. Oh well. Pretty gross looking huh? Isaac's friends and well wishers were kind enough to choke it down with some ice cream:).

Isaac provided most of the entertainment of course!

After a quick bath, it was time for gifts. Like they always say, Isaac was a lot more excited by the box then the gifts. Good thing he had friends to who all wanted to help open them!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. In fact, Isaac said it was his best birthday ever! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us here and in spirit.


The Mac's said...

Wahoooooo we made your blog! Happy Birthday Isaac! Hope you had a great day:)

Shelley said...

cute cute cute! and the cake didn't look bad. i actually thought it looked rather good, especially for a first timer. and who doesn't love red velvet cake? you now have an official big boy! shaelyn started nursery today and it was so bittersweet. it was fun to see her play with her friends and have a good time, but it was crazy to think that i'm the mom of a LITTLE GIRL, not a baby anymore!

Shantelle said...

Those pics look great, and so does your new shorter haircut!

Wish we could have made it, I didn't see the invite until the day after. I should check your blog more often even though you are busy so it might not get updated that often!

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Loved the cakes! Isaac obviously enjoyed it, that was so adorable. I love the last picture you posted of him, his eyes are so gorgeous and he is so darling. And I appreciate the recipe posts, not that I cook every night, but I plan to try them sometime soon!

You look great, I love the haircut!