Thursday, February 26, 2009

Constant Cravings

Warning- I am going to use this post to do a little pregnancy whining. I will try to keep it light hearted and I invite all of you to also whine and or share fun pregnancy craving memories in the comments.
With my first two pregnancies, cravings weren't all that big of a deal. I had a few, but they were pretty easy to satisfy, and I would say pretty common. Lets start with Maeve. The big cravings were peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and anything with honey.
Oh so yummy
Perfect anytime of day!

With Isaac, it was just pickles. I know this sounds really cliche, but I have never cared for pickles in my life and when I was pregnant with Isaac, they suddenly became the tastiest things in the world. Tons of people feel this way about pickles when they are pregnant. There should be some research on it.

That's not me with the pickle in that picture, but I'll bet a zillion dollars that lucky girl is pregnant.

Pickles never tasted as good after Isaac was born. When I found out I was pregnant this time, I went straight to the store for some pickles, eager to recapture the magic. Sadly, it just isn't the same this time. The pickles are in my fridge, lonely and untouched.

I do have cravings this time, but they are evil ones that I CAN'T SATISFY!! Exhibit A:

These are the best chips ever created. I guess not everyone agrees with me though because ever since I bought my last bag last month, they have disappeared. I have heard rumors that they have been discontinued, and that made me die inside a little. Seriously, last time I bought them they were at Macey's. I then looked for them at almost every other store in Utah and they were nowhere to be found. I wasn't too worried though. I went back to Macey's fully expecting to find them. They were GONE! And now there was a new chip. Plain Limon. What a joke. Those normal Limon chips mocked me. LIMON IS NOTHING WITHOUT CHILE!!!!

Lets move on. Exhibit B:

If you don't like sushi to begin with, I am going to have a hard time explaining this one to you. I like Sushi, but since becoming pregnant, I LOVE sushi. When I think about Sushi, I think I know what crackheads must feel like when they think about their next... I'm not sure what they would call it... just the next time they smoke crack okay? There are two problems with this craving.
1. Sushi is supposed to be a pregnancy no-no.
2. Sushi is kinda pricey. I'm kinda poor. I can't just pick some up at the grocery store or a drive through. I'm not sure I would if I could cause that sounds.... ummm..... gross.
A few weeks ago I broke down and went out for Sushi with my friend Shan (who is about 12 months pregnant herself). We shared a veggie roll, vegas roll, and surf and turf roll. I am sure the veggie roll was safe due to lack of fish. I justify the other two because they are fried (tempura) so I think that makes them cooked.
In conclusion, I am asking you for a few favors. First, please comment and share in my misery in some way. Second, if you see Chile Limon chips anywhere, please alert me RIGHT AWAY! I may need you to stand guard in front of them until I arrive. Finally, if you want to go get some Sushi give me a call. Bryce is a hater so he won't be going with me anytime soon, and I need him to stay home with Isaac while I eat anyway!


Kristina P. said...

I crave pickles all the time, and I'm not pregnant.

And I can't stand sushi! Maybe that will change when I do become pregnant!

Shantelle said...

The surf and turf roll is perfectly safe because they use KRAB to make it. Crab/krab in restaurants is cooked, so you're all good there.

I see those chips all the time at the 7-11 near my house. Maybe check a 7-11 near you?

When I was first pregnant, before I actually knew I was pregnant, I wanted nothing but cheeseburgers. I normally hate burgers, so we knew something was probably up, but the pregnancy tests were negative! After we found out we were pregnant and just how far along, it turned out I had started with symptoms and cravings after being pregnant for only 3 days!

One day I went to Quizno's and got a bottle of apple juice with my lunch. I actually had to call Brian and tell him about it because the apple juice was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted! It was pure ecstasy. A month later I tried it again, and the magic was gone. SAD!

The Mac's said...

First of all I feel so bad for your friend Shan who is 12 MONTHS PREGNANT:) and second of all, you have to love the cravings of pregnancy! I hear it is really bad to ignore those you should always indulge. With Ethan it was Ding Dongs, YUM! Seriously, could NOT get enough. They were even better when they were frozen, and you could eat them like a popsicle.(No wonder i have so much baby weight to loose) With Aiden it was anything BBQ. I put BBQ sauce on everything. I couldn't drive past Goodwood with out stopping. I am embarrsed to admit how much we spent on eating at BBQ joints in those 9 months.

Good Luck with those chips....there is nothing more frusterating then craving something you can't have. As for the sushi, just tell Bryce to work some over time to pay for your bad habit. He will have a happy wife, the baby will be happy, and no one can put a price on that:)...and I wanna go next time:)

Erin said...

Haha Summer, I feel bad for Shan too. I guess I should clarify. Her due date came and went a few days ago and still no baby. I was just having a bit of fun at her expense.

Jason's Mommy said...

Poor Shan hope that baby comes soon. With Jason I craved really normal stuff, but there was one that totally grossed Dan out. A few weeks before delivery I was craving corn dogs and chili. I'd dunk them. He said that was nasty. Then I reminded him about the pre known pregnancy period when I ate a peanut butter and chocolate syrup sandwich.

Another thing I could not get enough of was apple juice not just any but Indian Farms local to Michigan. That and mexican food, onions, and pancakes! Yummy

Good luck to you Erin.

Ryan & Tiffany said...

I love hearing about pregnancy cravings! Yours were great, at least the pickles weren't with ice cream or something. :) And I believe that your body usually craves something for a reason, so if you are craving sushi or fish then you must need something in it. Have you heard about those women who crave things like dirt? Chips and sushi and pickles sound pretty good after that.

I couldn't get enough Taco Bell and Propel water when I was pregnant. I had this weird metal taste in my mouth 24/7 the entire pregnancy that didn't go away unless I literally had food in my mouth, so I ate whatever I could all the time (thus the huge weight gain.) Pregnancies are so interesting!

Shelley said...

hee hee! you always crave what you can't have. my sister LOVES sushi, so that was a big sacrifice for her as well. i never want deli sandwiched until i'm pregnant and then can't have them unless they're hot. so the first thing i get after giving birth is a cold turkey sandwich with swiss cheese and tons of mayo. that and a ceasar salad.

and i always crave chocolate milk when i'm pregnant and nursing.

Misti said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I L O V E sushi too! Let's go...right now! I have been craving it for weeks (but no baby here). I will keep my eyes open for the Chile Limon and join in your crusade of hating the plain Limon!

Only thing I craved with my pregnancies is red meat (which I hated before getting knocked up) and smoothies from Kneaders, which I am pretty sure is THE most expensive place to buy them!

Misti said...

P.S. I died laughing about your comment on the lady with that GIANT pickle. What do you really think she did with that sucker...seriously?! Did she pay money for that?