Monday, October 22, 2007


I have given this a lot of thought, and I have decided that it would just be wrong, like a lie, if I didn't tell the world about the wonderful joy that is the oreo cakester.
I tried the cakesters a couple of weeks ago. They were an impulse buy on my way out of the grocery store when I was a bit hungry. I have been trying lately to rid our home of junk food. I have done this by consuming all that we have and not replacing it. It has been a good strategy which had been very effective in reducing our grocery bill, our BMI, and getting us to use food that we buy and then forget about. Recently though, Bryce noticed that there were no readily available snacks in the house and he was frustrated. I told him about the plan/experiment that I had put into place and he accepted it at first. Since I have been at home, he hasn't been participating in the grocery shopping the way he used to. This all came to an end on Saturday when he came to WalMart with me for a few items. He defiantly announced that he was no longer on board with my no junk and snacks plan and he needed some freakin' ding dongs! Well, that was all it took for me to fall off the wagon. I can't just watch him eat ding dongs while I continue with my only snack left, cottage cheese. I picked up some ice cream and more of those tasty cakesters.
The cakesters are a miracle of a treat! Imagine the awesome flavor of an oreo, but soft and fluffy. I haven't tried the traditional ones. Chocolate is my life so I went straight for the chocolate filled. I am ashamed to admit that today the box is already gone... and I am the only one who has eaten them.


Dan & Ashley said...

HAHA! This was a great post Erin! So funny. It made me think of some of the funny conversations we would have at work often revolving around food! :) Who doesn't love treats!!!??? I haven't tried these yet, but I just might have to after reading this. Right now I'm just trying to not eat too much Halloween Candy! This baby weight is NEVER gonna come off! :)

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Yum! I appreciate any junk food recommendations, I will have to try them. They sound yummy. It's October, all eating well goes out the window until January, it's Holidays anyway!