Monday, May 5, 2008

Where's Isaac?

This has become a constant concern for me lately. Isaac is not quite walking yet, but he has turned into a little explorer. I keep a pretty sharp eye on him, but it is amazing how quickly he escapes. He usually gives himself away though. He likes to start crawling away as fast as he can, and he lets out a huge squeal as he does it and he will stop briefly to turn and look at me to make sure I will chase him. It is one of his favorite games. Something that takes a great deal of my time each day now is replacing all things he pulls out of drawers and cabinets. I have resisted the baby proofing thing because I thought I could simply teach him boundaries. Ha! I am such a fool. I think it might be time to get those annoying cabinet latches. It is so much fun to see him learning and discovering new things, but it was not fun for Bryce and I to spend a half hour last weekend trying to figure out how to dislodge two balls and a squishy alien thing from a speaker.

The trapped toys, posing atop their temporary prison post rescue.

Just a few of the devices used in the rescue. Yes, that is gum. Not pictured-the kabob skewers.

Today I was getting ready in the master bathroom while Isaac was supposed to be in the room right next to me watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But I noticed it was quiet... too quiet. I went out of the room and heard noise coming from down the hall. When I checked the half bath, I discovered this:

He is just too cute for me to be angry. I try to keep the doors shut wherever I want him to stay out, but Molly's bed is in this bathroom and I want her to be able to get in and sleep when she wants to. Oh well, there plenty of worse things he can get into than toilet paper.


Brandy said...

YES! The terror has begun!!!! I love that he gets into things! It is so funny so see what they find interesting. Some kids its toilet paper, some flour, and mine loves poop! LOL!

The Mac's said...

He is seriously too cute! Who sould resist that big smile. I wouldn't be able to get mad at him either! Good Luck...this is when parenting gets fun;)

Jenny said...

Oh the joys of parenthood. We have spent many hours trying to figure out how to get small objects out of things. I even think we may have had to disassemble a speaker or two to dislodge balls. Sigh... I wish I could say they learn from their mistakes, but I can't.

Brendan said...

I love that kid so much! Keep on truckin Isaac.

Dan & Ashley said...

Soooo funny! I got a huge laugh out of the dislodged toys!!! I'm so scared for Cal to start crawling. He is rolling all over the place and that is starting to get hard.....can't imagine crawling and walking!!! It is so fun to see them get so much curiosity and a mind of their own.....its crazy! Kids are amazing....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Isaac is such a cutie and I love hearing your stories about him. So I meant to ask you....what have you decided as far as the work search thing goes? Are you still looking for a job or have you decided to stay home for good?