Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry, as always, for not being the blogger I wish I was. I literally think about updating and have ideas for things I want to write about every day, but that giant jumble in my head, combined with life in general, makes it hard to actually sit down and put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard I guess. Instead of further delay based on my planning of a perfect entertaining yet heartwarming post. I am just going to go ahead and start writing. Here is what has been going on.
It sure hasn't been smooth. I really hate to complain about it because I have been one of those people who aches when others complain about their kids or their pregnancies. When you lose a child, it just hurts to hear people who don't appreciate what they have. I have to admit however that I just don't love being pregnant. I know plenty of people who have it much worse... bed rest, IV's, bleeding... I don't have any of that. I just have lots and lots of nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. When you combine that with a busy job and a demanding toddler.... I think you get the picture. I am also not "cute pregnant". I will post a belly picture soon, but it might be the last one you get because I really only have another week or so before things get really ugly. Right now, I am showing and I feel pretty good about it. Soon, however, EVERYTHING will be puffing up. I only have a small handful of pictures from my last two pregnancies and I honestly hate to see them. I don't get the basketball tummy that everyone wants. Instead, as a really short girl, my belly just kind of eats up my whole body like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In fact, I am pretty sure that when we went to the hospital to deliver Isaac, Oompa Loompas had to roll me to the room.

Enough whining though. I am actually starting to feel much better. The doctor "graduated"me to Zofran, a very nice drug that would have made life easier had I had it earlier. Now I only vomit once a day in the morning. My energy is also back. I am really happy about that because I honestly was worried I would never have energy again and I was terrified at the prospect of having two kids when I wanted to pass out all the time and wished I was in bed way before Isaac's 7:30 bed time run on sentence sorry.
In two days I have a Dr. Appt. and maybe we will know what kind of baby we are having. I mean of course boy or girl. I don't think they can predict personality yet with ultrasound but wouldn't that be awesome? When I think about this baby, I always imagine just another Isaac. I am not sure why. Isaac and Maeve certainly had different personalities, but for some reason I keep thinking of the things I didn't know or that took me a while to figure out with Isaac and applying them to the new baby. So of course, this time around everything will go perfectly... Unless, this child is different than Isaac. It would be so great to know if this baby will be easy or hard, good or bad at nursing, sleeping great or up all night. Okay back to the gender thing. I am really excited to know. I know that my knowing sooner rather than later really makes no difference, but I think if for any reason I can't find out at my appt. this week, I will probably wind up at one of those mall places to get an answer. I just want to start talking to Isaac in terms of "your little brother or your little sister".


Bragging time. I LOVE Isaac. He still gets more fun every day. He amazes me with the things he learns, his sense of humor, and the funny things he says and does. When he wasn't saying much at 18 months, I was kind of worried. I just thought that was a cut off date for boys or something. Finally at 20 months he is talking tons, even though most of it I don't understand. I love all his little words and especially when he says new ones that I don't expect. There are way too many funny stories about him for this post so I will try and start putting them on here more often. I do want to share one though. Isaac was sick a couple of weeks ago and lost his appetite. I was really concerned about how he wasn't eating much and tried to feed him almost everything in the house. Most everything I gave him he would give to the dog and I was getting quite upset with both of them for this. If you know my dog, you know she does not need any extra food. On this day Isaac was tossing his chicken nugget lunch to Molly. I decided to put her in the bathroom a couple feet away from his highchair so that she wouldn't beg and hopefully he would focus and eat something. A couple minutes later I saw this:

Yep, those are chicken nugget pieces (I cut them for Isaac) sitting by the bathroom door. Isaac felt bad for Molly and was throwing them to her. If you look close you can see her trying to reach under the door and get them.

Non-Pregnancy Illness

We have had a run of bad luck health wise around here, and judging from other blogs I read, so have many of you. Isaac was sick for a week and as he started to recover Bryce and I got it. As Bryce and I got better, Isaac got Rotovirus and an ear infection which resulted in a very bad diaper rash. Just as things seemed to be improving, Bryce got sick again. He took the day off. We have all been so busy but especially Bryce. He is really working hard and burning the candle at both ends and I think he just hasn't been able to fully recover from last weeks illness.

Isaac and I spreading the love (and the germs).

That's all for now. I will keep everyone posted on baby stuff and now that I have updated I might be able to post more fun blogs with less words!


Kristina P. said...

Hope you all feel better soon! And your little guy is completely adorable.

Shantelle said...

Oh I just love you guys so much! We must hang out again before my baby comes!

Grammy said...

Isaac is so cute and I am so excited for you with the new baby coming. Glad you are starting to feel better - hope it gets better each day.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry you're so sick. I agree with the not-loving-pregnancy thing, but feeling guilty for complaining when I have so much to be grateful for for just BEING pregnant. Ugh.

Isaac is a cutie. That's hilarious he was throwing the dog his food. What a crack-up.

Erin said...

Kim thanks for reading and commenting! You need a blog of your own so I can check in with you and all the people I know who are related to you!

Kathy said...

Okay, I have a few comments.

1) so glad we finally connected on lunch! It was SO fun!
2) also glad you're down to only once-a-day puking.
3) not a cute pregnant lady? Are you kidding me?!
4) you're starting to show? Whatever.
5) Isaac is adorable
6) but I don't think he's feeling sorry for the pup.
7) I think he's actually torturing the pup by placing those chicken-nuggets just out of reach.
8) please call your doctor and compel him to do an ultrasound...I'm begging you!
9) thanks for the good advice yesterday.
10) I tried it and I think it may have worked.

p.s. Don't you love Kristina in all her snuggie-ness? We should totally go to the meet-and-greet!

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling bad. My first pregnancy was a breeze, but the second (as you know) was really nightmarish at times. Hopefully that doesn't progress with each one! Isaac is adorable and I'm glad you get to spend so much time with him while still holding down a job. Go woman, go! And totally random - I've had two dreams where Bryce randomly shows up recently. One was about Michael and I going to his mission reunion (why was I dreaming about that?) and Bryce was there. Bryce didn't even serve on the same continent as Michael. And in the other dream, Bryce had green hair. And he just randomly showed up in the middle of something totally unrelated, like a Harry Potter dream or something. But I vividly remember after that dream thinking, "I wonder what Bryce is up to now?" Hello and duh!!! I laughed out loud when I remembered he's married to you and I know EXACTLY what he's up to. The end of my random thoughts...