Sunday, August 5, 2007

Last Week in Review

We had quite an interesting week last week. It started off pretty fun for Isaac. I will try to avoid telling too many icky diaper stories in the future, but this was one for the record books. When Bryce was getting Isaac ready for church last week, Isaac decided to surprise him during his diaper change by peeing all over himself and the bed behind him. Bryce quickly stopped the problem, but Isaac was determined to finish the job. Just when Bryce thought he was safe and resumed the diaper change, Isaac decided to pee some more and made sure to cover any areas of our comforter that he missed. We decided to document the incident for your enjoyment and to embarrass or blackmail him when he is older.

On M0nday, The Deseret News published an article on CdLS. They included some information about our daughter Maeve, and a picture of her. I am an awareness coordinator for the CdLS foundation and I am so glad that even after her death, Maeve is still able to teach others. You can read the article here:

Ruthie and Katie Callahan were here to visit from Wednesday through Friday. We met them during our stay in the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center NICU with Maeve. Katie was born a couple of weeks before Maeve and was 26 weeks gestation. Most babies born this premature have significant problems and delays but Katie is doing very well. She and Ruthie (her mom) were here for her 2 year Dr. appointments.

Ruthie and I took Katie and Isaac to visit our friends in the NICU and do some shopping at University Mall on Thursday. Although it was nice to see some of the people who helped care for Maeve, I realized that I was ready to move on from the NICU. I will never move on from Maeve and I will always treasure the memories of her and lessons she taught me, and carry it with me everywhere, but I think I can finally separate her from the NICU itself. A lot of NICU parents have a problem leaving at first. You actually miss the NICU and feel like it is home. I had that feeling for a long time too, but I think I no longer need to visit. I would love to see the nurses and docs if I run into them, but I won't be bugging them at work anymore:). It helps having Isaac. He is not tied to the NICU and his presence has really helped turn our house into our home. Maeve's place is not the NICU or the cemetery, it is in our hearts.
On Saturday, we took my mom to the Salt Lake Parade of homes. We were only able to get through five houses, but they were pretty amazing. The Parade goes through the end of this week, so we may see some more still. Although we will not be moving into a 3.5 million dollar house anytime soon, I did get some fun decorating ideas, so I am looking forward to doing a little shopping this week to get started!

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YAYAY!!! I am so glad you have a blog now. I will be stalking you regulary. Can I link you!!!! He is a doll by the way.