Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I really do love blogging!

Okay, so I am way behind on the blogging. I promise I really do love it and I am going to try to do better. Starting now, I am setting a goal to post something every day rather than every week. That way, when I fall short of my goal, I will probably still wind up with more posts than are currently happening.
So why haven't I posted in a while? Lots of reasons I guess. One problem is that I haven't taken as many pictures lately. I am not sure where the camera is right now. We did buy an awesome new HD video camera a few weeks ago, but I haven't had much time to play with it yet and I tried to post a video here but it didnt work. The file was too big or something. If anyone has any tips on that, let me know.....

Life is getting more fun with Isaac all the time. He sure keeps me busy, but now it is with more play time. I am starting to get a better hang of this SAHM thing. I always thought if I stayed home I would get so much done. It hasn't quite turned out that way, but I am getting closer. Isaac is getting on a more regular schedule so that I know when I have time for things and when I don't, and he is also getting much easier to interact with. He doesn't mind our errands and chores anymore. He sits and plays with his toys or "talks" with me while we do things. It is really a blast. Being a mommy is the best!

Last week we had Isaac's 3 month pictures taken. A little late since he is almost 4 months now, but I was trying to wait for this rash on his face to clear up. It has gotten much better, but on picture day he scratched his nose in a couple of places... Oh well, I guess with kids it will always be something. And this way, years from now we can look back and remember his drool rash and his sharp little fingernails that I seem to have to clip at least twice a week:). Here are some of my favorite pictures. BTW- The photographer is Tiffany Burns-Rushforth and she is amazing! You can see more of her stuff at

Yup- 3 months old and he can stand....well... when he leans on something...and just for a second:)

Such a cutie!

My little pumpkin

The Family

This one is my favorite

BTW- I have to mention my brother in law, Doug, because he is famous today. He was quoted on ESPN's website. Here is the link:


Paul & Misti- said...

Oh my goodness Erin he is so cute. I love the tree picture precious.

Nancy Brown said...

I looked at the other ones on her website. He is SOO cute. Your family picture made me smile.