Thursday, September 20, 2007

In keeping with my commitment to daily blogging, here are some pictures! These are actually old. They are from our cruise back in January, but I just got them yesterday.
This (above) is all of us hanging out on the deck one night. I think there was some kind of party that night where all the old people wear Tommy Bahama and dance to "HOT HOT HOT".
This is at the Hilton in Puerto Rico before the cruise started. We were all overdressed because our luggage was lost.
I am pretty bummed already about the end of summer. These pictures make me want to plan our next fun winter vacation. Maybe Mexico, maybe Hawaii. I would do the Caribbean again, but just stay in one place this time. I liked Aruba best. Ideas? Send them to me in the comments!

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Nancy Brown said...

I kinda like the idea of the beach in a box ( aka the sand box) in my back yard. Its warm enough and I can bring you margaritas all day while I kiss on Issac!!!!