Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let me introduce all of you!

Do you ever wonder who all those people are that are linked on the blogs you read. Maybe you already know them and they are all in your five or something, but maybe you don't. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce everyone to my little circle of blogging friends. BTW- if you are reading this and have a blog and I have not listed you, it is not because I hate you. It is because I am forgetful, so please let me know and I will link you and introduce you to my peeps!

Brandy and Doug- Brandy is my super cooooo sis in law. She enjoys scrapbooking, Dwight from "The Office", and being from Blackfoot, ID. :)
Andrea and Adam- Andrea is my slightly younger super coooo sis in law. She enjoys being pregnant, tall and beautiful, and not updating her blog- so if you visit it, be sure to bug her about that:).
Summer and Andy- Summer was my brothers best friend in high school and is an awesome mommy. She has the cutest (not kidding, these kids are genetically gifted) kids ever.
Nancy and Dallas- Nancy lives in AZ now, and we don't talk much, but she is still one of the most important people in my life because of when she was in it. Our baby's shared a room at Primary Children's. She is my hero.
Tawny and Kalani- Tawny was my BF in high school and I just came across her blog this summer. She is pregnant too. Most of my blog friends seem to be pregnant... hmmm.....
Tiffany and Ryan- Tiffany is like Andrea above, but not my sis in law and she is getting better at updating her blog. She is super funny and does a mean velociraptor impression.
Misti and Paul- Misti rules! She is pregnant, works full time doing her job and my old job, is a great mom, shoots bb guns, and names her kids (hoping she will with the one on the way) after baseball players!
Ashley and Dan- I miss Ashley so much. Just thinking about funny times with her and everyone at work makes me laugh out loud. Now, she is a big city mommy. Her blog is the prettiest blog around!

I hope everyone is cool with me talking about them. I figured it would be okay since I already have you linked. I am really lucky to know such awesome people. Have a great week!


Nancy Brown said...

oh Erin.. you made my week. I have had the most horrible week and this has made me smile. I can't begin to describe the love I have for you and your little family. I wish we were closer so I could visit with Baby Issac. I was so happy to see you have that little one that could come home with you. We will always love Maeve and you and your family will always be an important part of our lives.

Thank you!!

Paul & Misti said...

Erin you are so cool! I can't tell you how much I wish you were still here and I wasn't doing your job AND my job at the same time...with only Frank to talk to! I think we are going to have a little shower something here...I just don't know who is going to host it since Suzi Gull is going out soon. When/if a party does happen you know I am calling you to come...oh...only if you bring Isaac! Ha ha! Glad to see you updating your blog! Hopefully I will see you soon...and you can see how huge I am now...I put a cow to shame!

The Mac's said...

Did Brendan tell you to update your blog for me ( I asked him too on Saturday ) I check your blog all the time for new updates:) You are so sweet for the things you said about me ( I got a little teary eyed ) We should get together sometime...I am home almost all the time! It would be fun to go out with babies too....give a call sometime its been way to long:)

Dan & Ashley said...

You're the best Erin! It was fun to read about everyone. I miss you too and all our good laughs! Sometimes I get a little homesick for Utah thinking about it. :) Next time you guys come to Sacramento you have to call us! BTW--your little boy is adorable!!!! I love the pictures in his ducky tub. :) I had no idea how much I would LOVE little boys until I had one. Now I'm obsessed. There is just something about Mommy's and their little boys that is so special. I think Isaac and Cal kinda remind me of eachother too because they both have cute little round bald heads. I love it!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!