Monday, January 7, 2008

Los Angeles

So at just about the last minute, my mom and I decided to brave the scary weather forecast and take a trip to Los Angeles for her best friend's daughters wedding. Due to the aforementioned last minute nature of the trip, I forgot my camera so I will try to illustrate with pictures I find on the net.
When we arrived in Burbank, we checked in to the Safari Inn. It is where other wedding guests would be staying and we hoped for the best.
We had dinner at Bob's Big Boy. It is a tourist attraction and just kind of fun to eat there. Yummy burgers, and Isaac flirted with everyone as usual. The next day the rain started. We headed into Westwood for the ceremony at the temple. Traffic was non-existent, so we were an hour early. We decided to go have some donuts at Winchells! I love Winchells!

Isaac and I planned to hang out in the Temple visitor's center while my mom attended the ceremony, but it was closed for renovations, so we played at the family history center instead. Isaac was pretty tired by the time the ceremony was over, and the rain never let up, so we just drove around sightseeing while Isaac slept. After we returned to the motel and got Isaac to bed that night, we realized that the carpet by the door was wet. The room was flooding! We called the front desk twice for assistance, but the FEMA employees/genius engineers who worked the front desk were confident that a couple of bath towels on the floor would solve the problem and that the water would not come in any further. HA! We made sure to pick up all our things off the floor and go to sleep, relying on the lord's promise to Noah not to destroy civilization with a flood again:). The rain finally stooped at about 5:00 am and in the morning the carpet was soaked 6 feet into the room. It is a good thing I was a girl scout and my mom a troop leader. We know how to camp. (I just don't want to).
We enjoyed more amazing donuts. You know how it is when you are on vacation, you have to eat the food you don't get where you live. I don't know why there are no good donuts in Utah. If you are from anywhere else, you know what I mean. I don't like Krispy Kremes. This time, we had donuts from donut prince. I think these were even better than the winchells. MMmmm....

Oh, I forgot to mention, the night before, my mom had a crown come out while we were eating dinner. As luck would have it, our old dentist was still there, and he fixed it for my mom on Saturday. What a nice guy!
After the dentist, we did a little reminiscing tour around town, visiting the houses where my mom grew up, the one I lived in, the old church, etc. We took Isaac to Griffith Park to see the pony's, and got some ice cream with my cousin, Sean.

So here is the crazy part, we went to the reception where we sat next to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! It was so cool. We had Isaac with us so we sat at this corner table to try and stay out of every ones way. This was a nice plated dinner/dancing reception. Anyway, Jon Heder, his wife, his twin brother and wife come in with their babies and spot us with Isaac and decide it must be the kid table and sat right by us. I didn't know what to do or how to act so we did talk to them, but I pretended not to know who they were. It was sweet!
Well, that's all I have to say for now. I have more blogging to do because it has now taken me a week (sitting in drafts) to write this little one.

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Paul & Misti said...

I can't lie...your hotel pic looks a little ghetto scary! Ha ha!Sounds like you had tons of fun!